The Playbox business concept is simple. We want to make creation easy and fun. And we do it by offering a wide range of crafts, hobby articles and games at affordable prices.

We think that creating things and making things with your own hands is about the most fun of all. You get a huge amount of pleasure from letting your imagination run wild and making things for your own use, decoration or as treasured presents. And there is a special kind of fellowship that is difficult to replace from doing things with your friends, classmates, your children or parents. To put it simply, just doing stuff in all of its forms!

The Playbox product team have listened closely to what our customers are saying, and collaborated closely with our suppliers to hand pick a range of products for various types of creative pursuits. We offer a wide range of products for scrapbooking, jewellery making, bead pegboards, seasonal activities and much, much more. We also sell loose articles, such as cloth, wool, cotton, cardboard, glue, feathers, foam balls and other things that you can really let your creative juices flow with. If you really want to make it easy, we also have kits of material or craft products, containing everything you need to make original and decorative things.

So whether you are young or old, professional handicraft worker or an enthusiastic amateur, we hope that you will find pleasure from, and use for, our products.




Company founder, Per-Erik Johnsson, got the idea of starting Playbox from the pleasure he gained from creating and playing. At the end of the 70s he began to produce and sell creative toys at markets in the Småland region of Sweden. His business grew quickly, and during the 80s, Per-Erik travelled to China to look for more exciting products. This laid the foundations for what would later become ”Playbox - the international Swede in the craft and hobby industry".

Since then, the company has grown and developed. The Playbox range now contains more than one thousand articles for crafts, play and hobby. Playbox sells to schools, nursery schools and leisure companies through dealers. We also offer our products to all creative and active children and young people, adults and other consumers through high street and on-line shops.

Our range encompasses craft materials and accessories in bulk (wholesalers), to ready-made craft sets and materials suitable for end-users (retail trade). Our classics are beads and pegboards, jewellery sets and scrapbook materials. Our product developers keep up with the latest trends, and quickly pick up on new products that develop into crazes.                                                

Our customers can be found in more than 30 countries, of which Sweden and Germany are our largest markets.

Customers first is our keyword here at Playbox. This means that we aim at the highest possible quality, level of service and delivery reliability with our customers. As we are a small family business, with short decision paths, we can be extra fast and very flexible. Most of our products are also acquired in collaboration with our customers, because they are the ones who know best what they really want.


We set stringent demands to our suppliers, whether Swedish or from other countries, and only work with suppliers who we have met. Factory visits are part of our work of product development. The dialogue with them, and our presence, enable us to ensure ourselves that our quality and safety specifications are met, and give us valuable ideas for how the products can be improved or the range extended.

Through our innumerable visits to China, Playbox has developed a unique knowledge of manufacturing in the country, and we have created close relationships with local manufacturers. Our knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes gives us advantages in purchasing so that we can offer attractive prices to our customers. We have had our own purchasing office in Hangzhou, staffed by our own personnel, since 2014.

Direct contact with suppliers is important for many reasons. Our presence on site allows us to form an opinion about the local working environment and the working conditions for the factory workers. We have an ongoing dialogue with our suppliers about environmental issues and the environmental impact of manufacture and transport of our products. We always place a high priority on our environmental efforts, and we work constantly to develop our position in order to be as resource-efficient as possible and to have the least possible impact on the environment.

In 2015, as part of our work of continuous improvement, we will increase our own packaging of product sets at our warehouse in Älmhult. By purchasing e.g. beads and other articles in bulk, and packing them at our facility, we can make transport more efficient and increase our quality control.

The demands we set for our suppliers and business partners are mirrored in the demands we set for ourselves. An enjoyable workplace, where everyone can feel that they play a part in the company, and a good working environment, form a sturdy foundation on which to develop Playbox. Taking responsibility, being aware of, and complying with, current national and international labour legislation, regulations and guidelines, as well as having good business ethics apply as a matter of fact to Playbox’ own business, our management and Board.

Playbox AB is a member of ICTI (the International Council of Toy Industries via its Swedish affiliate, Leksaksbranschen). Parts and finished products are tested carefully and approved according to the European safety standard for toys, EN71 and the provisions of the chemical directive, REACH. Our suppliers comply with ICTI’s and/or BSCI’s as well as FSC’s standards and guidelines.







Playbox AB    •    Spångatan 4, 343 34 Älmhult, Sweden    •    Phone: +46 476 602 10    •    Fax: +46 476 602 16    •    E-mail: info@playbox.se